2 Modern Methods for Removal

If you’ve discovered small, dome-shaped growths on the penile head or base of the head don’t panic. You may happy to discover that it is not the result of a sexually transmitted disease or cancer but simply pearly penile papules. These small growths are essentially skin. In some cases, they can develop as sebaceous glands. They occur naturally in men ages 20-55 or older. It’s a genetic quirk, nothing more.

Regardless of how natural they may be, you may still feel anxious to discover ways to get rid of them. If you have pearly penile papules, treatment is fairly simple and easy. There are two modern methods for removal. The first is liquid nitrogen, a treatment that has helped get rid of other growths such as warts. It usually takes two applications but, once the second treatment has been completed, there will be no scarring or visible pigment change. A newer method to get rid of these growths is carbon laser treatment. Continuous wave lasers are used to eliminate these growths and inhibit future growth. Only in rare cases is surgical removal necessary.

Just like any other elective correction to the body, these procedures are considered cosmetic. It’s about how you feel in your own body and how you would like to improve it aesthetically. If you’re interested in pursuing this course of action, contact a doctor to see if you are eligible.

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