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Important Differences Between Pearly Penile Papules & Male Yeast Infections

There is a large difference between pearly penile papules and male yeast infections, more commonly referred to in the medical community as male thrush. While both present the appearance of bumps and, in some cases, discharge, it’s important to know the differences between these two conditions to make sure you’re able to properly address them. […]

5 Tips For A Healthier Penis

The penis, in its simplest form, is nothing more than a muscle. And like all of the body’s muscles, the more they are worked out, the healthier and stronger they become. Not only will a maintaining a healthy penis add to a man’s overall health, it may also supply more stamina underneath the sheets. Furthermore, […]

‘Pumping Party’ Penis Injection Turns Deadly

Take a failing economy, couple it with the meteoric rise in the popularity of cosmetic plastic surgery, and what do you get? A story as disturbing as it is sad. A New Jersey woman has been charged with reckless manslaughter after an injection of silicone she administered to a man’s penis killed him. They were […]

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