Effects of Pearly Penile Papules

Any unfamiliar bumps or changes to ones penis are bound to be unsettling, and the development of pearly penile papules is no different. Even though the condition is asymptomatic and not a sexually transmitted disease, it is often mistaken for genital warts and can cause worry and psychological distress to many who develop it. As of yet, finding information on this condition online can be difficult, leaving many who have developed PPP in the dark about what they have, its effects and how to get rid of it. This site can hopefully serve as a resource to put many at ease by describing what the condition is, offering pearly penile papule pictures, and listing treatments for the condition, both effective and ineffective.

How to get rid of PPP

Ineffective Treatment

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For many, learning the condition they have is not harmful and not and STD is reassurance enough. They simply learn to live with it until the papules eventually fade. For others, this reassurance only goes so far. The papules can cause self-consciousness in men, making them avoid sexual contact out of embarrassment and fear of rejection. PPP can affect self-esteem and social interaction. They also cause an “unpleasant sensation” in some men who have them.