Dermatophytosis is NOT Pearly Penile Papules

Both dermatophytosis and pearly penile papules have similar symptoms. However, these two conditions are very different. In order to properly care for your penile health, it will be important to distinguish their differences.

WebMD defines dermatophytosis as ringworm of the skin. It is a condition caused by a fungus that infects the skin. Jock itch, a common condition among athletes, is a form of this condition. It causes an itchy ring shaped rash. While this can be treated through personal hygiene and some over-the-counter medications, if your skin blisters and becomes infected with bacteria, antibiotics might be necessary.

Pearly penile papules also presents itself as a ring or small, naturally occurring bumps around the head of the penis. They are not associate with any itch or pain. They are simply callous-like growths. In some men, they can grow quite large and present a discharge. While these bumps often appear and disappear throughout a man’s lifetime, they can be removed through cosmetic surgery.

It is very important that you see a doctor to rule out possible infection with dermatophytosis. You may also want to rule out sexually transmitted diseases.

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