The difference between Lichen planus and Pearly Penile Papules

Lichen planus and pearly penile papules are two completely different conditions. One can cause extreme pain while the other causes none at all. By understanding the differences between them, you can better care for your own penile health.

American Academy of Dermatology defines lichen planus as a skin disease, one that can happen on any area of the body. While they are most commonly found on the wrists, lower back, and ankles, they can also be found inside the mouth or in the genital area. It causes a few reddish-purple bumps but can lead to rawness of the skin and open sores. You will need to speak to a doctor about medical treatment.

While lichen planus is a disease, pearly penile papules are naturally occurring growths. They pose no health threat whatsoever. While lichen planus forms a few reddish-purple bumps, pearly penile papules are categorized by their distinct ring of light colored bumps, similar to that of a pearl necklace. They occur around the bottom of the penile head but can also occur along the penile shaft.

It is important to rule out infection when considering these two conditions. If you’re concerned, visit your doctor to discuss your symptoms in order to properly determine your condition.

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