Penile Papule FAQ

FAQ – What Are the White Lumps On My Penis?
By John Helios

There are many people out there with white lumps on their penis. The penis being a hard thing to talk about in person this means many people may go years without reporting these white lumps. We hope here to put your mind at ease and explain the most likely reasons for why the lumps have appeared.

The lumps may appear white or yellowish and when left unchecked they will multiply and get worse with time. They appear mostly on the underside/bottom of the head of the penis or around the base of the hair follicles. They are white and are painless although may become sensitive during oral sex.

There isn’t any reason to worry because they are normal and many men have them. They aren’t likely to be cancer or an STD. The probability is that you have “pearly penile papules” or it is due to the grease glands getting blocked. There are several quite normal and harmless lumps and spots that can appear on the penis.

The grease glands (sebaceous glands) that everyone possesses in their skin can become enlarged which is most likely to happen on the shaft of the penis and the scrotum. Then these may even become blocked and develop into lumps. These lumps then become full of a creamy substance (sebaceous cysts). Hence the white lumps.

The small spots that can appear around the rim of the end of the penis (the glans penis) are the “pearly penile papules” are harmless and should not cause any pain or symptoms either.

Whatever the case you must go and see you doctor and have a thorough medical examination. Hospitals often have genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics which are open access facilities and they are the people who deal with this type of medical problem more than anyone else. John Helios is the author of what is the average size of a penis .com. He is an older gentleman and in the quest to find answers decided to set up his own website. Frustrated by the lack of advice on penis related matters this straight talking Greek took matters in his own hands. Click here to visit his site:-

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